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Tea: It's all in the leaves

We offer only 100% whole leaf, premium tea from the best tea growing regions on the planet. Our knowledgeable staff can show you how to expertly brew tea in order to achieve maximum yields and taste. We offer whole loose tea, tea bags, and ice tea with the same expert training and service you expect with Omari gourmet products. Our selection of over 350 teas allows you to select or create the best blends of hot and ice tea available on the market.

Tea has naturally occurring antioxidant properties and proven health benefits. Research shows antioxidants in tea protect against heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer, and hypertension as well as boost immunity. Green tea is credited with increasing metabolism and promoting weight loss.

These health benefits have created a new interest and increased demand for high quality tea.

Certified Organic Fair Trade Certified

Scented Teas


Black Currant
Celebration Tea
Cinnamon Orange Spice Tea
Organic Cinnamon Orange Spice Tea
French Plum Tea
Organic French Plum Tea
Mango Tropical Tea
Organic Mango Tropical Tea

Masala Chai Tea
Organic Masala Chai
Passion Berry Tea
Organic Passion Berry Tea
Strawberry Tea
Organic Strawberry Tea
Summer (Ginger) Peach Tea


Organic Cherry Sencha
Cherry Sencha Tea
Citron Green Tea
Citron Green Tea
Organic Coconut Ginger Green Tea

Coconut Ginger Green Tea
Mango Tropical Green Tea
Pineapple Papaya Green Tea
Pineapple Papaya Green Tea
Organic Pineapple Papaya Green Tea


Phoenix (Tropical Peach) Oolong
Organic Phoenix (Tropical Peach) Oolong
Plum Oolong

Organic Plum Oolong
Organic Jade Osthmanthus Oolong Tea


Crimson Berry Fruit Tisane
Organic Crimson Berry Fruit Tisane

Passion Berry Fruit Tisane
Organic Passion Berry Fruit Tisane


Citrus Chamomile Herbal Blend
Organic Citrus Chamomile Herbal Blend
Moroccan Mint Herbal Blend
Organic Moroccan Mint Herbal Blend
Organic Lemon Chamomile Herbal Blend

Spicy Plum Herbal Blend
Organic Spicy Plum Herbal Blend
Tuscan Herbal Blend
Organic Tuscan Herbal Blend

Earl Grey

Blue Flower Earl Grey
Earl Grey Extra Fancy
Organic Earl Grey Extra Fancy
Decaf. Earl Grey Extra Fancy
Organic Decaf. Earl Grey Extra Fancy
Earl Grey de la Crème
Organic Earl Grey de la Crème

Green Earl Grey
Jasmine Earl Grey
Organic Jasmine Earl Grey
Lavender Earl Grey
Organic Lavender Earl Grey
Royal Earl Grey
Organic Royal Earl Grey


White Ambrosia
Organic White Ambrosia
White Calypso
Organic White Calypso

Organic White Pomegranate
Organic White Schizandra
Organic White Tangerine
Organic White Pineapple Papaya


China Finest Dragon Phoenix Pearls
China Jasmine Yin Hao
China Long Jing C
China Matcha - High Grade
China Matcha - Standard Grade
China Sencha Std. 103

Japan Gen Mai Cha
Japan Gen Mai Cha Select (with matcha)
Japan Gyokuro Extra Fancy
Japan Matcha
Japan Sencha Special
Japan Sencha Fancy Std. 1302


China Se Chung Oolong
China Shui Xian Oolong


Single Origin


Assam TGFOP Std. 34
Hong Kong Milk Tea
Ceylon New Vithanakande Estate FOP
Ceylon Super Pekoe
Ceylon OP1 Std. 4373

Ceylon Kenilworth Estate OP
China Grand Keemun
Darjeeling Thurbo Estate FTGFOP1 CL
Darjeeling Chongtong Estate
     SFTGFOP1 Wiry
Darjeeling Peerless Estate
     FTGFOP1 Std. 40


Assam Organic Sewpur Estate TGFOP1 FAIRTRADE
Ceylon Organic Black OP1 FAIRTRADE
China Organic DZS Keemun Congou
China Organic DZS Lapsang Souchong
China Organic Keemun Hao Ya B
Darjeeling Organic OaksEstate 1st Flush STGFOP1 FAIRTRADE
Darjeeling Organic OaksEstate 2st Flush STGFOP1 FAIRTRADE
Darjeeling Organic Selim Hill Estate STGFOP1 FAIRTRADE
Nilgiri Organic Dunsandle Estate Extra Special TGFOP FAIRTRADE
Singampatty Organic Oothu Estate FOP FAIRTRADE
Vietnam Organic Nam Lanh OP FAIRTRADE
Vietnam Organic Nam Lanh FBOP FAIRTRADE


China Organic DZS Pinhead Gunpowder FAIRTRADE
China Organic DZS Lung Jing FAIRTRADE
China Organic DZS Sencha FAIRTRADE
China Organic DZS Zhen Mai 9371 FAIRTRADE
China Organic Emerald Spring Lung Jing
China Organic Gen Mai Cha
China Organic Gunpowder Std. 3600
China Organic Jasmine Da Zhang Shan #1 Fair Trade FAIRTRADE
China Organic Jasmine Da Zhang Shan #4 Fair Trade FAIRTRADE
Organic Phoenix Jasmine Pearls
China Organic DZS Magnolia Yuncui FAIRTRADE
China Organic DZS Jamine Ming Mei FAIRTRADE
China Organic Matcha
Singampatty Organic Oothu Estate Green FOP FAIRTRADE


Taiwan Organic Jade Oolong Fancy
China Organic DZS Oolong Quilan
China Organic Oolong Se Chung Oolong
China Organic Oolong Shui Xian Oolong


China Organic Bai Mu Dan Standard
China Organic Bai Mu Dan Limited
China Organic Silver Needles
Darjeeling Organic Oaks Estate Bai Mu Dan FAIRTRADE
Singampatty Organic Oothu Estate Bai Mu Dan


English Breakfast
Decaf. English Breakfast
Decaf. Organic English Breakfast
Organic Royal Breakfast FAIRTRADE
Organic Green House Blend FAIRTRADE
Organic Irish Breakfast
Organic Russian Caravan

South African Rooibos

Organic Red Raspberry Rooibos
Organic Honeybush
Organic Green Rooibos
Organic Rooibos
Organic Rooibos FAIRTRADE
Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Blend
Rooibos Bourbon


Organic Rooibos Bourbon
Organic Rooibos Chai
Organic Rooibos Earl Grey
Rooibos Tropical
Organic Rooibos Tropical
South African Sunset
Winter Wonderland Rooibos Blend

Iced Teas

Classic Assam Iced Tea
Passion Berry Iced Tea
Crimson Berry Iced Tea

Organic Green Mystique Iced Tea
Organic Plumberry Black Iced Tea
Custom Ice Tea Is Available