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TestimonialsOmari Gourmet Coffee and Tea

What do our customers say about us? Take a look.


“You introduced us to real coffee, it is the best coffee we have ever had” “We did our own blind test to compare your coffee with what we were serving, Starbucks, and our customers preferred your coffee 3 to 1 and we saved 40% on our coffee cost”


“We have never gotten any product that is less than excellent quality”


“You make us look good with our customers”


“For over 18 years, no matter how hard I searched, I always found that I am getting the best coffee from your company and at the best possible price.”


“I was shocked to find out that your excellent coffee is priced more reasonably than that of the Big Box Stores.”


“Your service is second to none”


“I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this coffee house, everyone is talking about how good the coffee is and the espresso, we are definitely selling more and everyone can taste the difference! We look forward to continue working with you. You have been so great and such a wonderful help! The compliments keep coming!!!!”

“The day our machine broke on a Saturday afternoon and we had no way to service 1000 people who come through our cafes, you solved it and had the machine fixed”.


“I did not know coffee could taste so good, I do not have to use cream or sugar. We are selling more coffee since we started using your products and our customers are enjoying it tremendously”


“I am very excited to start advertising the coffee and Espresso, the people loved it! They really enjoyed the taste and could tell a real difference”


“Simply speaking, you have exceeded all our expectations”


“As an avid coffee drinker, I used to drink coffee from many different establishments. Now, I wait to get to my restaurants to have a cup of coffee because I have not tasted better coffee than the one we are serving and now I find most other coffees very unsatisfying. Our customers tell us that we serve the best coffee in the area. Your product and service made that happen. Thank you.”

“I wanted to thank you for your service and care. Over the past year you helped us many times whenever needed. The service you have on the espresso machine is the best. I do not get this type of service from any other company.”


“For over 18 years, no matter how hard I searched, I always found out that I am getting the best coffee from your company and at the best possible price”


“Your prices are excellent. Other coffee suppliers we have checked out from time to time can’t come close to providing the same quality for the price we’re getting it from Omari.”


“I have been in the wholesale coffee business for 25 years in California and I must say that Khader Hamide, the founder of Omari, is one of the most knowledgeable people in our industry in the whole state of California”.