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About OmariOmari Gourmet Coffee and Tea

Our Mission

It’s our mission to be the premier purveyor of the highest quality gourmet coffee and tea in the marketplace and industry leader in customer service.

How it started

More than 30 years ago our founder envisioned a company that would live out his personal and professional desire to create the “perfect cup”. He brought together the best green beans, the most precise roasting techniques, the highest quality equipment, plus his craftsmanship and extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Combined with a methodical and scientific approach to coffee production, these factors result in a consistently rich, robust, “perfect” cup of coffee.

In addition to technical skill and expertise, our founder believes in the importance of service, and knows that the quality of the final product is in the hands of the staff who make it. Thus, the Product-Service-Value proposition you will find only with Omari.



Omari offers a large selection of conventional, organic and fair trade coffee and tea from around the world - single origin, as well as unique, proprietary blends.


Omari clients benefit from vast professional experience and knowledge to achieve the best taste and yield. Water, roast, grind, and equipment are all vital factors to producing quality coffee and tea with superb yields. Professional training, quality control and equipment service ensure the best results.


Omari’s clients consistently report increased customer satisfaction and higher sales due to outstanding quality and taste. Omari’s expert equipment calibration and training is proven to increase coffee yield up to 50% while obtaining exceptional taste.


Omari’s focus is to provide the finest quality products available in the marketplace accompanied by exceptional service. The business was built around the clients’ needs.