Fresh coffee beans

Omari Gourmet Coffee and TeaOmari Gourmet Coffee and Tea

You’ll be Known for Your Coffee

Omari only buys Specialty Grade green coffee and 100% Arabica beans, from the best coffee producing regions - Guatemala, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Kona, Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Peru. We carry conventional, Organic and Fair Trade.

The Best Crops Year After Year

Weather, soil, altitude, and proximity to the Equator are all factors that contribute to ideal coffee growing conditions. Based on the how these factors come together year after year, harvests vary, sometimes drastically, from one year to another. Also, every coffee growing region boasts unique characteristics. Each harvest, Omari selects the best available Specialty Grade coffee beans from the various growing regions.

The Art of Roasting Coffee Beans

Every batch is “roasted to order” and never mass-produced or warehoused. Omari coffee is roasted by craftsmen who are expertly trained to gauge temperature, gas pressure, timing, and airflow to bring out the best flavor from each type of coffee bean. We employ masterful roasters with more than 40 years of combined experience in coffee roasting.