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Brewing a fine espresso is a process that requires a delicate balance of coffee bean, grind, equipment, and talent. If any one of these components is even slightly off, the imperfection is accentuated in the taste. Espresso is so highly concentrated there is little room for error or miscalculation.

Omari is an expert in the art of selecting and brewing outstanding espresso. We offer Lavazza Italian espresso imported directly from Italy as well as our own espresso roasts. We will help you select the best equipment for your espresso preparation, provide the training and ongoing maintenance to ensure your espresso and espresso beverages taste fabulous.


LavAzza Brand Espresso Products

Super Crema
Super Crema
Top Class

LavAzza Grand
Espresso Beans

LavAzza Super Crema Espresso Beans

LavAzza Top Class Espresso Beans

Tierra Beans
Crema e Aroma
Pienaroma Beans

LavAzza ¡Tierra! Fair Trade Espresso Beans

LavAzza ¡Tierra! Fair Trade Espresso Beans

LavAzza Pienaroma Espresso Beans

Grna Riserva
Dek Decaffeinated
Gran Crema Pods

LavAzza Gran Riserva Espresso Beans

LavAzza Dek Decaffeinated Espresso Beans

LavAzza Gran Crema Espresso Pods

Dek Pods
Caffe Espresso
Espresso Bar

LavAzza Dek Decaffeinated Espresso Pods

LavAzza Caffè Espresso

LavAzza Espresso Bar

Cream e Gusto
Qualita Rossa

LavAzza Crema e Gusto Ground

LavAzza Qualità Rossa

LavAzza Qualità Oro

In Blu
Dek Decaffeinated

LavAzza in Blu Espresso

LavAzza ¡Tierra! Fair Trade

LavAzza Dek Decaffeinated Espresso

Decaffeinated Espresso

LavAzza Decaffeinated Espresso